Color Form Series - Translucent Abstractions

I love taking photographs of traditional landscapes.  I mix my photography with painterly concepts that already have rich color and organic forms. I then mash it all up with technology; to create new painterly, translucent abstractions.

© 2016  -    Ricki Mountain       Color Form Series -  Translucent Abstractions

"Textile and Surface Design" Now as Wall Decor

I love to create patterns as surface design for clients.  As of late, it seems the crossover has begun to bleed over into wall decor.  Now you can enjoy the same contemporary designs commonly found in surface and textile designs as framed art, or art on canvas wall decor.   These modern, Textile and Surface Design translate well with most interiors and styles. 

You can browse my art designs and pattern collections on these poster sites at Imagekind and Artist Rising.    

Moose on the Loose - Art on Canvas wall decor

"Moose on the Loose"  -  Art on Canvas  wall decor 

You can browse Cobalt Moose on these poster sites at Imagekind and Artist Rising.

Seascape Abstract Triptych Painting


Sea Mist & Ocean Tryptic - Abstract painting, of waves crashing on a foggy afternoon. Various shades of aqua and blue blend together in both the sky and sea...
I love the ocean. I love to swim it. I love to sit on the beach and daydream on it. I love to bonfire with friends on it, I love to paint it. I am inspired by the force of nature that exist in it.   
I am inspired to create on it.   Here is an abstract seascape from my Seascape Collection. Enjoy, and relax!

Need a makeover for your home or office?

Decorative & Custom Art Throw Pillows

Decorative Custom Art Throw Pillows Ricki Mountain Studios
Browse my shop for more designs.

Browse my shop for more designs.

Browse my shop for more designs.

Need a makeover for your home or office?  It is easy with art pillows. Mix and Match. Artwork is available in multiple shapes, lumbar, accent, body, round, and square), sizes and two touchable fabrics (polyester and Grade A cotton), these pillows are the perfect accent to any space. Browse through all of my pillow designs over in my shop. Thanks for stopping in!

Astrological sun dial - pop art style


Astrological sun dial,pop art style.  Sun Dials are a  symbol of life: They give strength and energy and being able to define the exact solar time is very essential for human beings.  Enjoy!
~ Ricki Mountain 

©2000-2015 Ricki Mountain Studios  

A love of symmetry, pattern and color

Art By ricki mountain -Pattern-textile- framed art prints
Browse Pattern and Optic Framed Art Sets
I love creating repeating patterns with color and symmetry. This collection was inspired by the love of Symmetry and Patterns and color. This is a fun collection of pattern and optics:  Digital Fine Art Paintings -. Each visual motif is perfect for interior design, home decor and art licensing programs. My geometric pattern designs are now available as an art print poster to match any decor. Have fun with them. Try an art print set of six as a collection, or as a nine patch set. Framed, mounted or canvas wrap. Mix and match the designs to fill your wall space. The structure of each design element side by side, and together as an art set, create a fabulous collection for sure! 

Art On Canvas

Art On Canvas
Ricki Mountain Studios

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