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Everything Retro is new again!  Ah, so you have got to love the Remix Trending in 2016. 

 A new retro has transformed –  Mixing together iconic elements from across the mid to late century.  Reflecting on colorful eras we widen our inspiration to include design influences from the 60s and 70s. These collection of Retro Mix, art images were inspired by the MCM, & were created are for a Hotel Chain, going retro.  

A love of symmetry, pattern and color

Art By ricki mountain -Pattern-textile- framed art prints
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I love creating repeating patterns with color and symmetry. This collection was inspired by the love of Symmetry and Patterns and color. This is a fun collection of pattern and optics:  Digital Fine Art Paintings -. Each visual motif is perfect for interior design, home decor and art licensing programs. My geometric pattern designs are now available as an art print poster to match any decor. Have fun with them. Try an art print set of six as a collection, or as a nine patch set. Framed, mounted or canvas wrap. Mix and match the designs to fill your wall space. The structure of each design element side by side, and together as an art set, create a fabulous collection for sure! 

I love Franz Kline, however I am so bored with black

Franz Cline Inspired Abstract Art Set - Art By Ricki Mountain

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I love Franz Kline, however I am so bored with black, so I wanted to create my versions.  Here is a set I would like to share with you of my new work using my signature style of textured layers mixed along with a digital watercolor technique to create the collection. 

Watercolor Inspired Florals Art

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                             Explore Ricki Mountian's  Watercolor inspired  Fine Art Paintings               

Modern Kaleidoscopes Art

Art Print Modern kaleidoscopes Ricki Mountain

Modern Kaleidoscopes 

Brighten your walls with these art prints. Custom art by Ricki Mountain printed on museum quality paper, framed or unframed.

Cobalt Blue Palm Art On Canvas Set

Shades of Blues Art on Canvas Shop my Store Ricki Mountain Studios
Choosing the right shade of blue is all about creating a mood:
These new art paintings “Cobalt Palms” combined various shades of blue watercolors.  A mix of vibrant graphic design elements.  High tone blues are great for accent pieces.  These are now available for sale in my s
hop… Designed for Highpoint Spring Market 2015… These Palms are perfect for Interior designers, or Hotel projects.  Also available as a framed art set.  

Lifestyles of the NOT so rich and famous!

At least you do not have to be a millionaire to afford good art. I'm just sayin! Check out more afforable art HERE:
Fine Art by ricki mountain for Hotel Art
Ricki Mountain Fine Art Prints
Canvas Art Collection-Ricki Mountain Art for hotels
Ricki Mountain Ornate Collection

Art On Canvas

Art On Canvas
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