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About Ricki Mountain

Ricki Mountain 

A native California commercial artist working in a variety of mediums. I am an established artist. My body of work is prolific and versatile by nature. 

I have abandoned the strict adherence to traditional hierarchies of media and embraced new means, including technological, to create my body of work. Digital technology has changed the way I paint and has become an essential part of my creative process. I first tapped into the “new media” realm in 2000.

By design, my digital art paintings are contemporary. I often incorporate both my traditional style, original, abstract paintings along with my non-traditional digital art painting’s.

My art is an ever changing as a grow. I am constantly trying out new styles and techniques. As I reflect on my life's work over the years, I see a unique signature that defines my individual style. "I will continue to grow and learn and discover through my art forever.

 My clients include Wyndham Hotels, Choice Hotels, Best Western Hotels, Starwood Hotels, MGM, Hilton Hotel Resorts, as well as many lifestyle brands

Imagery from my altar art egos. 

Art By Ricki  Mountain

Ricki Mountain Artsy Drops

Ricki Mountain Perigold Framed Luxury Art Canvas

Floral Abstract Art by Ricki Mountain

Abstract Seascape by Art by Ricki Mountain

Abstract Art Set by Ricki Mountain

Collage hand cut by Ricki Mountian

Rad RoCoCo Altered Portrait Art by Ricki Mountain

Luxury Art On Canvas  Wood  Frame by RIcki MOuntain

Best Seller Floral Art Set by Ricki Mountain

Custom Art Shape Framed By Ricki Mountain

Abstract Floral Art On Canvas by Ricki Mountain

Large Living Room Squiggle Art by Ricki Mountain


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