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"Whew" Fianally made it !

Well I finally made the big leap to blog.

I have to tell you it was not as bad as I thought,
Any way I’ll keep ya posted on anything new coming out of my creative head as it happens.

In the mean time feel free to see what I have been up to lately by checking out my shops

Hope you check back often.
I’ll have allot of cool things coming up soon



Stephanie said…
I love your style. I will be checking back often. I just started a blog this year. I haven't gotten to the bare my soul part.....LOL....but I am enjoying it!
oldflowers4me said…
hello darling and welcome, like you im sorta new at all this blog and flickr- but i love it all the people are so nice, have a great day, love jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.
I'm new at blogging too...but it gets more fun...I need to pull myself away from the computer more to do more art pieces!!!
thanks 2 all
someday i might text too !

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