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While in Toronto a few years ago, in the wee hours, I was attempting to watch late night TV.  but instead, all I was able to view on the TV screen was digital corruption. Images were all glitchy!  it seems reception was bad.  So in my boredom, I grabbed my Camera, and I then shot 100 different images on the TV screen in random order. The images of the disrupted, TV reception actually came out very cool!  

Since then, I have been fascinated with the technology of Glitch Art.  I  have always known, that someday I would incorporate the practice of using digital or analog errors for aesthetic purposes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating electronic devices in my new tech-art series.  Here is a sneak peek. 

G L I T C H   A R T  S E R I E S.  © 2017 All rights Reserved by Artist – Ricki Mountain 

Glitch Art Images Ricki Mountain
G L I T C H   A R T  S E R I E S.  © 2017 All rights Reserved by Artist – Ricki Mountain 

G L I T C H   A R T  S E R I E S.  © 2017 All rights Reserved by Artist – Ricki Mountain 

Ricki Mountain Glitch Art

Glitch Fine Art Ricki Mountain
Glitch Cow

G L I T C H   A R T  S E R I E S .  © 2017 All rights Reserved by Artist – Ricki Mountain

Ricki Mountain Art Glitch Fine Art Giclee
Glitch Tree Art

Glitc Art Ricki Mountain

Glitch Art _ Ricki Mountain

Glitch Fine Art RIcki Mountain Studios

Ricki Mountain Studios - Glitch Fine Art
Glitch Art 2017

 G L I T C H   A R T  S E R I E S.  © 2017 All rights Reserved by Artist – Ricki Mountain 


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